Results Coaching

with Jean-Marie Voon

 Are you ready to make a change?

Hello there, and welcome!

Before we begin... what are you looking for in a coach?

I love being a results coach. Why? It's about helping people change their lives for the better by taking the time to understand themselves, clarify their definition of success, and focus their effort where it matters.

Coaching is about you and the results you desire, no one else. Advice is plentiful, but only you know what you truly want and what works for you. A good results coach asks the right questions to help uncover wisdom that is already within you, helping you keep a constructive and future focused perspective to develop and pursue an achievable plan forward.  

A good coach provides a safe and trusting space, listening and accepting you as you are. They prompt you for clarity on the real issue, and encourage you to imagine what 'ideal' could be. From there, they focus your efforts on tangible, meaningful and achievable actions, to help you build momentum and confidence.

Your coach is a steadfast accountability buddy, helping you track and reflect on your progress, refining and recalibrating your plan as you go. Your coach is also your cheerleader who sees you through ups and downs as you inevitably draw closer and closer to your result. Before you know it, you'll be there and the journey will have been a joy!

It has been such an honour to help my clients change their lives and achieve their results, with noticeable progress being made in just a matter of weeks. You might already know exactly what you want, or maybe you just know that something needs to change - either way, I would love to help.

If you're ready for a change, book in a free discovery session and let's give it a try. Looking forward to chatting soon!

What do my clients say?

"By inviting Jean to be your results coach, you will see meaningful success, quickly. Through considered and engaged conversation, Jean helped me clarify next steps in my professional and personal life, helping keep in sight what I needed to act on to reach my goals. Through coaching, we built a skillset that I can now use to achieve success over again. I absolutely recommend meeting Jean - you'll immediately feel not only confidence and reassurance, but also a warmth and kindness that is paramount to the relationship. Thank you Jean!

Linda, Marketing Professional

"Jean-Marie guided me through my career break using thoughtful questions and diligent observations. She created the space for me to explore and act with confidence on new opportunities. The actions we agreed during our coaching sessions directly helped me land a new job with an organisation and team that share my values and aspirations."

Michael, Strategy & AI Professional

"I've been results coaching with Jean-Marie for just over 12 months now. Jean has a wonderful way of gently encouraging you to delve into the root issues or concerns and come up with tangible actions and solutions. She is genuinely interested in you as a person and in helping you to achieve your goals. Her friendly nature, positive approach and valuable insights ensure that each session is fruitful and rewarding. I highly recommend Jean."

Pania, Business Owner

To help you get to know me...

My name is Jean-Marie Voon and I am an international results coach, trained and certified by Benjamin J. Harvey at Authentic Education. I live in beautiful Sydney, Australia, and coach clients all around the world, from all walks of life.

My professional background is in strategy and transformation consulting, where I get to help people - from executive leaders to the newest interns - make good decisions that are both logically sound and emotionally compelling. I also founded and led an educational not-for-profit for 10 years, helping young people build up their confidence and skills. I learned through both experiences that I am most excited about helping people be confident, and this is what led me to results coaching.

Hopefully this gives you a glimpse into who I am, but results coaching is really not about me and actually all about you! I am really looking forward to chatting with you and learning about who you are and what you value, to help you get more of that in your life. Book in for a free discovery session and let's begin!