Results Coaching

with Jean-Marie Voon

Life. Career. Leadership.

Hello and welcome!

My name is Jean-Marie Voon, and I help ambitious individuals get (even) more out of life. 

Often, my clients already know success, yet something about their next chapter makes them hesitate. They cycle through the hypotheticals wondering... 

  • What do I really want? Where do I want to spend my time and energy? 
  • How can I make this a sustainable reality? What are my options and how do I choose? 
  • What are my next steps? 

The questions vary, but always they know... there must be a better way and it is up to them to make it happen. 

I help my clients find the clarity and confidence to move forward and craft a rich, meaningful and balanced life - one that is totally aligned with who they are and everything they value. They begin to live intentionally, energised to own their decisions and results. They embrace who they are, make confident choices and ultimately, make the most of this one precious life.

This has been my journey and it can absolutely be yours too. Book in a free discovery session to get started. I look forward to meeting you! 

What is results coaching?

Whether you have a plan or just know something needs to change, the results coaching process will help you: 

  • Clarify what you really want (your values, priorities and ideal results)
  • Develop an effective plan to kickstart action and guide your efforts, and 
  • Quickly build confidence and momentum towards achieving your results.

Does it really work? Yes! It's amazing how quickly you can achieve meaningful results, just by:

  • Giving yourself the time and space to notice what's really going on
  • Keeping a constructive and future oriented mindset
  • Focusing on clear, effective and achievable actions, and
  • Being supported through problem solving and maintaining accountability.

My aim is to help you gain the clarity and confidence to live a rich, meaningful and balanced life, totally aligned with who you are and everything you value. It is totally possible and available to you right now. Are you ready to give it a try? 

Book in a free discovery session and let's get started. I look forward to meeting you soon.

What do my clients say?

"Invite Jean to be your results coach and you will see meaningful success, quickly. Jean helped me clarify next steps in both my professional and personal life. We built a skillset that I can use to achieve success over and over again. I absolutely recommend meeting Jean - you'll feel not only confidence and reassurance, but also a warmth and kindness that is paramount to the relationship. Thank you Jean!" 
- Linda, Marketing professional

"I've been results coaching with Jean for over 4 years now. Jean has a wonderful way of gently encouraging you to delve into the root issues or concerns and come up with tangible actions and solutions. She is genuinely interested in you as a person and in helping you to achieve your goals. Her friendly nature, positive approach and valuable insights make each session fruitful and rewarding. I highly recommend Jean." 
- Pania, Business owner

"I was at an important transition point in my career and personal life when I first spoke with Jean in 2020, and I really did see tangible results from that very first session. Since then, Jean has helped me navigate important career transitions, working and living more mindfully. Together with her, I developed a new approach that is still very much me, but better suited to my needs and aspirations. I love the sense of clarity, purpose and determination that I feel, every single time we finish a call." 
- Ariadna, Management consultant

"Jean guided me through my career break using thoughtful questions and diligent observations. She created the space for me to explore and act with confidence on new opportunities. The actions we agreed during our coaching sessions directly helped me land an exciting job with an organisation and team that share my values and aspirations. I absolutely recommend Jean." 
- Michael, Strategy & sales professional

Are you ready to experience results coaching for yourself? Book in a free discovery session and let's get started! I look forward to meeting you soon.

A little bit about me

My name is Jean-Marie Voon and I am an international results coach specialising in life design, career and leadership. I live in Sydney, Australia with my husband and two kids.

What led me to results coaching? 

  • I began my professional career as a management consultant, advising multinational organisations on business strategy and transformation for over a decade. Here, I honed the craft of problem solving, decision making and complex stakeholder management, being a trusted advisor for executive leaders, middle management, the newest interns and all in between.
  • On the side, I founded a not-for-profit that helped high school and university students build confidence and leadership skills, encouraging and celebrating their authentic selves.
  • I then became a parent and life became even more precious. I took stock of my values and strengths and realised that helping people become confident by making good decisions was both the best use and source of my energy.  It all came together perfectly in results coaching. 
  • I trained up, put it to practice, and have found such fulfilment helping my clients gain the clarity and confidence to live rich, meaningful and balanced lives, totally aligned with who they are and everything they value.

With that said, results coaching isn't about me - it is all about you! I look forward to meeting you, learning about who you are and what you value, and helping you get more of that in your life. Book in a free discovery session and let's begin!